Time to get your Jackie Chan on with Absolver’s fourth combat style


A mysterious new combat style has been revealed for Absolver the real-time RPG combat game from Sloclap and Devolver Digital.

The new combat style is called Stagger which is based on the drunken master combat style made famous in the Jackie Chan film The Drunken Master, buy has also been seen in other combat games like Tekken and Virtua Fighter. Check out the trailer below to see this entertaining combat style

If you’ve been living drunk in a cave (and why wouldn’t you), here is the Absolver blurb

Absolver puts players behind the mask of a Prospect, who has taken a sacred vow and chosen to join the Absolvers, an elite corps of combatants fighting to maintain stability in the world. Monitored by the Guides, the new rulers of the fallen Adal Empire, players will wander these forsaken lands and encounter other Prospects online in order to learn their place in this world and eventually become Absolvers. Along the way, they will learn new combat styles and attacks, and acquire better weapons, powers and armour.

Absolver releases on PC And PS4 on August 29.

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