The Walking Dead: March to War coming to mobiles


We’ve got word of a new trailer doing the rounds for The Walking Dead: March to War.

Are you bored of using your phone for nothing me than stalking your ex-girlfriend on Snap Map? Figures, I mean, she never really loved you so what’s the point in chasing the impossible dream?

Well, never fear, because The Walking Dead: March to War is on the way and we’ve got a brand new trailer for you below.

What on earth is this? The Walking Dead: March to War is a multiplayer strategy game where you’re tasked with fighting alongside fellow survivors against enemy factions to secure resources and more in a bashed up Washington D.C., set in the Walking Dead universe. Naturally, walkers will never be far away, so it’s up to you to keep yourself safe whilst you ensure your team are secure along with your resources.

Each player can assemble a team which features characters from the TWD universe you know and love/hate, such as Rick, Michonne and Negan. As you can see from the trailer above, it all looks pretty swish for a mobile game, if you ask us.

We’re going to be keeping a close eye on this one. If you’re up for instant game updates and to receive a captive walker on launch day, head to

Source [Press Release]

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