The Evil Within 2 ‘Wrathful, Righteous Priest’ Trailer


A new trailer has been released for The Evil Within 2 which focuses on new character Father Theodore, who has been kept largely under wraps since the E3 announcement. Only seen in gameplay clips, but not much else is known about this enigmatic character. Until now that is.

Theodore is one of the human “monsters” who have made their way into the new STEM world in The Evil Within 2, and he’s finally ready to reveal his message to the masses – a message that promises a “righteous” fury and immolation to those who oppose him. Sebastian will need to survive the wrath of this master manipulator if he’s going to have any hope of finding Lily and escaping the nightmare of STEM.

The Evil Within 2 is based around Sebastian Castellanos who will have to dive back into hell once more to take on the twisted creatures as you race to save your daughter. Standard really

The Evil Within 2 launches on 13th October on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC


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