The Daily 6: Fictional Universes That Would Make Fantastic MMORPG Worlds


Making existing fictional universes into successful MMO’s is becoming a trend. Here are 6 more we’d like to see;

Over the past decade there has been a concerted movement towards online gaming. It’s prevalent everywhere but is most aptly demonstrated in the rise in the number of MMORPG’s out there. World of Warcraft, Albion, Skyforge, Runescape, Black Desert – The list of original MMORPG’s goes on for days – but what’s most impressive to me is when a team takes an existing fictional universe and develop an MMO inside it. The likes of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings Online and DC Universe Online call upon an existing universe to create great games that are engaging to fans of the game genre as well as the source material.

With this in mind, I posed the following question to the FingerGuns hive mind: “What existing fictional universes would make really great MMORPG worlds?”. Here are the 6 best suggestions we could come up with;

1). The Harry Potter Universe

There have been a number of decent Harry Potter games released in the past (the LEGO Harry Potter titles from TT Games as well as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban from EA being standouts) and there are a handful of mobile games releasing soon – but this wizarding world is ripe for an MMO adaption. Imagine creating your own Hogwarts student, getting sorted into your house, attending potion classes, learning new spells, playing quidditch, hanging out in the common rooms with other players and fulfilling your journey through to a fully fledged wizard/witch with friends. There’s a wealth of existing source material to pull from here thanks to JK Rowling’s books and side-stories but there could be any number of untold tales within the walls of the worlds best wizarding school (suck it Ilvermorny) that could be explored in an MMORPG.

2). Avatar

My personal feelings about the original Avatar movie aside (It’s a Pocahontas rip off staring the Smurfs. There. I said it) it’s hard to argue against the aesthetic appeal and depth that James Cameron created in the 2009 smash hit. With a number of sequels lined up over the coming years that are due to explore other biomes of Pandora including the sea and air, an Avatar MMO might not be the most far fetched idea we’ve ever had. Exploring the deadly landscapes of Pandora as a human in a mech or a Na’vi, switching between the 2 to explore new worlds sounds very appealing indeed…

3). Discworld

If there’s one thing that MMO’s are almost totally devoid of, it’s humour. I can’t remember a single time I’ve ever laughed out loud while playing one and this seems like a huge gap in the market. This is where Discworld comes in. The novel series (which already has a few video game spin offs as well as TV movie adaptations) has enough dry wit, absurdist humour and whimsical charm to tickle even the most resilient of funny bones. Of course, any MMO adaption wouldn’t be the same without the involvement of the late, great Terry Pratchett so it’s unlikely this would ever happen but that hasn’t stopped us salivating over the prospect of exploring the Discworld, going on a quest for Rincewind, begging with the Canting Crew and helping out Death and Mort in an MMO.

4). The Masters of the Universe…Universe

Any fictional world with a character named Fisto is worth exploring right? The Masters of the Universe have been through a bit of a torrid time since their heyday in the 80’s but Sony are looking to return He-Man and company to their former glory with a new movie in 2019. It’s almost a crime that the Masters of the Universe have been largely ignored in the gaming space for a decade (aside from the 2012 mobile game He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe) and an MMO would certainly write that wrong. Create your own master, customise their powers, set them off against the minions of Skeletor, fighting alongside Man-At-Arms et al. Sign me up.

5). The John Wick-verse

Anything relating to the surprise smash hit film series revolving around titular “boogeyman” John Wick is hot property right now. There’s a spin off TV series coming to Starz called The Continental and rumoured plans to expand the movie slate with a tie-in called Ballerina. What’s plainly obvious to us at FingerGuns however is that there desperately needs to be a tie-in game. It’s almost perfect – The various world wide safe hotels AKA The Continental’s could be your social hubs for online assassins to hang out. Raids and Strikes could be like an online version of Hitman with teams working together to assassinate your targets. This game script practically writes itself.

6). The Predator, Aliens and (dare I say it) Marines

Let’s forget about the number of missteps that have been made when mixing Predator with Alien over the years – there have been many – and concentrate on the positives. The PC Alien vs. Predator games from 90’s and early 00’s were great. Better than great, in fact. They combined the atmosphere from their respective movies with slick shooting and action that accentuated the abilities of each character type. We know that there’s another Alien shooter coming from Cold Iron Studios but Predator is largely being ignored in the gaming space (despite the upcoming 2018 “The Predator” movie). There’s a wealth of content in books and comics to pull from to make a decent online MMORPG shooter akin to Destiny using Aliens and Predators lore. None of that has ever really translated to the computer screen very well – mostly because they’ve been shoehorned into shooters – but an MMO might change that.

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