The 53 PS4 Console Exclusives Still To Come In 2017


31). Golem – Q3 2017

From Highwire games and a PSVR exclusive, Golem is an adventure game where you play as a bedridden girl who discovers the ability to ‘possess’ stone creatures, the titular Golems, and control their actions. Golem is expected out sooner rather than later with a tentative Q3 2017 release window it is likely to miss.

32). Tooth and Tail – Sep 12

Real Time Strategy games are a hard genre to get right when coming to consoles. Pocketwatch Games know this and are tailoring the controls for Tooth and Tail to suit both keyboard/mouse as well as Controllers. Self described as a “popcorn RTS for veterans and newcomers alike”, you control an army of animals jostling for their place on the food chain. You’ll be controlling everything from flamethrowing Boars to paratrooper-puking Owls across single player, online and split screen RTS combat.

33). Summon Night 6: Lost Borders – Sep 7

Only the second of the 6 Summon Night games to be translated into English, Lost Borders is a tactical role playing games that’s 50% larger than its predecessor Victory Ireland. The Summon Night games are a niche outside of Japan but publishers Gaijinworks are hoping this Lost Borders will put the series on the map in Europe and North America this year.

34). Blue Reflection – Sep 26

6 months after it released in Japan, Blue Reflection will be releasing in Europe and America this September. In the game you play as Hinako Shirai, a ballet dancer who injured her foot one year prior to the beginning of the game, and has been unable to dance since then. You must balance her school life, social life and explore the “Other world”, a universe outside of our world. The game received an admirable 32/40 from Famitsu upon release.

35). Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV – Sep 2017

The fishing was the best aspect of Final Fantasy XV – fight me, but you know I’m right. It was so good that Square Enix scrapped their first-person-shooter Prompto DLC for the game and adapted it into Monster of the Deep which expands the fishing aspect of FFXV into it’s own fully fledged VR experience.

36). Chaos; Child – 2017

While Danganronpa might be my favourite visual novel series, the Science Adventure series runs at a close second. Chaos;Child is the 4th installment in the series and is a sequel to Chaos; Head. Is Chaos; Child technically an exclusive to PS4? Well, it is here in the West. Chaos; Child released first on the PS3 and Xbox One in Japan but failed to make a dent in the weekly sales chart. The later released PS4 and PSVita versions however, did. PQube (the publishers and localisation experts most synonymous with the series) are bringing Chaos; Child to NA/EU for PS4 and PSVita but not the Xbox One version.

37). Gran Turismo Sport – Oct 17

It has been a long wait for the return of arguably one of the best racing sim series’ of all time but that wait is almost at and end. While GT Sport isn’t a fully fledged entry into the series (comparable to the Prologue releases but with vastly more content) it’s more of a statement on the way the series is moving forward. While it’s missing the dynamic weather system and day-night cycle from GT5 & 6, it will boast 177 cars and 27 configurations of 19 locations to race on.

38). Earth Defence Force 5 – 2017

Earth Defence Force is a series synonymous with 2 things – a). Massive battles with giant enemies including ants and aliens and b). Terrible frame rates. The theory has always been that a). caused b). with the developers opting to throw more and more things on screen at the sacrifice of performance. With Earth Defence Force 5, D3 Publisher promised a smoother experience and this is probably why the games was recently delayed from “Summer 2017” to simply “2017”.

39). Knowledge Is Power – Oct 24

Remember that awesome quiz game called Buzz? Well, imagine you could play Buzz but without those wired-up buzzers – that’s Knowledge Is Power. Another of Sony’s PlayLink games which uses smart phones instead of the Dualshock 4, KIS lets you step into the Pyramid of Knowledge with up-to 5 friends for a quiz like no other.

40). Demon Gaze II – Nov 14

Demon Gaze and it’s sequel blew up the Japanese charts when they released and now NIS America are bringing II to the West. You play as the Demon Gazer, working with the Revolutionist Party to overthrow Magnastarhas who has cast a spell on the inhabitants of Asteriainto so that they obey him. You must use the power of the demons to free the citizens from his spell before it’s too late. Because of course you do. EyeRoll.gif

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  1. Brian O'Blivion 5 months ago

    You mean Guerrilla Games not “Naughty Dog” for The Frozen Wilds, right?

  2. Phillip 5 months ago

    Cod ww2

  3. DarthDiggler 5 months ago

    I think some of these may slip to 2018.

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