The 53 PS4 Console Exclusives Still To Come In 2017


21). Hidden Agenda – Oct 24

Sony are putting quite a lot of effort into their PlayLink games (those that can be played as a group with smart phones) and Hidden Agenda is one of the most interesting. A third person action adventure game, Hidden Agenda is designed to cause distrust and tension among a group of players by sending secret objectives to individual players without the knowledge of their team. Supermassive Games have a track record of doing some pretty interesting things in their games so keep an eye out for this one.

22). .hack//G.U. Last Recode – Nov 3

Remember the dothack games on the PS2? Bandai Namco does. .hack//G.U. Last Recode is a remaster of the 3 original games – .hack//G.U. Vol. 1//Rebirth, 2//Reminisce & 3//Redemption but will feature new elements that “make it feel like a new game”. Even if you don’t remember the original game releases, this remaster collection might still be worth your attention if you enjoy a good RPG. In the game, you play as a character in an MMO where the in-game actions are having bizarre real world consequences.

23). Horizon: Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds – Nov 7

Until the release of Uncharted: Lost Legacy, I’d have chalked The Frozen Wilds up as little more than DLC and have excluded it from this list of “exclusive games”. But the sheer scope of Naughty Dogs standalone expansion and the way that Sony are treating their DLC offerings gives me hope that The Frozen Wilds will be on the same level. With a brand new area with new story-lines and new machines to face off against, The Frozen Wilds releases this November.

24). Tokyo Xanadu eX+ – Nov 24

The Xanadu series started back in the early 1980’s and spawned several sequels and spin-offs until 1985 when the series took a 20 year hiatus. A short lived revival for the series with Xanadu Next for PC and (ho-boy remember these?) the N-Gage was then met with another 12 year hiatus. Then, in 2017, it returned with Tokyo Xanadu for the PSVita which shot to the top of the software charts in Japan. Now the game is coming to the West and to the PS4 with Tokyo Xanadu eX+. An aRPG, this game mixes elements of the original Xanadu series with parts of Persona to create quite a heady mix.

25). Wattam – 2017

Originally announced back in 2014 at the PlayStation Experience event, Wattam is a quirky adventure from the makers of Katamari Damacy & Noby Noby Boy. In it you play as… things and those things have personalities. It’s an odd but charming game, as you might expect from Funomena. Wattam was scheduled to release as a PS4 exclusive in 2017 but we’ve not heard much about it for quite some time. With Funomena working hard on their new game Luna, we’re hoping that Wattam isn’t far behind.

26). Jak 3 – 2017

Naughty Dog’s Jak 3 is also getting a Ultra HD spitshine for PS4 along with Jak II and the already released Jak & Daxter. A more mature affair than the other 2 games, Jak 3 might fare better with today’s gamers than its predecessors.

27). Rainbow Skies – 2017

A pseudo-sequel to RPG Rainbow Moon, this Eastasia Soft title is looking to build upon the many positives its predecessor had. An isometric RPG with grid and turn based combat, Rainbow Skies is set to send us on another huge adventure this year on PS4 and PSVita.

28). Megaton Rainfall – Sep 26

Do you have what it takes to save the human race from alien invaders? That’s the question posed by superhero simulator Megaton Rainfall. This first person PSVR title puts you in the cape of a superhero who can’t die but must protect cities from destruction.

29). Dreams – 2017???

You see those question marks above? They’re there because Dreams still has a tentative release date of “2017” but I have absolutely no faith that it will release this year. In my humble opinion, the best we can hope for in 2017 is an open Beta but even that’s optimistic. Media Molecule are building something pretty special with Dreams, something that could last for decades and it’s only right that they take their time to make it everything that it can be. During E3 2017, Mm stated that work on the single player content had started and the game was still in full production but it doesn’t sound like it’s nearing completion any time soon. While it’s still penciled in for a 2017 release date, it belongs on this list – but don’t get your hopes up for it until after Christmas.

30). Gundam Versus – Sep 29

The fifth generation of the Vs. series, Gundam Versus has already released in Japan but will blasting onto our shores later this year. Featuring 2v2 and 3v3 battles, Gundam Versus allows you to pick your own Gundam, team up with others, select from over 180 assist strikers and battle it out in team based play. New mechanics (like the “Boost Dive”) are to be introduced and the Burst system has been once again simplified for more fluid play.

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  1. Brian O'Blivion 5 months ago

    You mean Guerrilla Games not “Naughty Dog” for The Frozen Wilds, right?

  2. Phillip 5 months ago

    Cod ww2

  3. DarthDiggler 5 months ago

    I think some of these may slip to 2018.

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