Table-Top inspired RTS Wartile gets a significant upgrade.


Are you playing Wartile? Well you’d be just giddy to hear that it’s about to get itself a huge update.

Oh yes, those fine folk at Playwood Project have today revealed that Wartile – the medieval RTS played out as a table-top game is getting itself a huge update in the form of Adventure Pack 0.5.

So what does this update have to offer? The ‘Trail of Tyr’ – which now takes the number of available Battleboards to play on to 8 – will task you to fend off wave upon wave of enemies (Horde Mode!).

This pack will also offer a female Viking archer, an addition much requested by the Wartile community. Good to see the team are listening to feedback from the fans.

Elsewhere, ‘Thor’s Wrath’ is a new mission variant where players search for relics connected to Viking Mythology.

New art for the Ability and Godly cards are also added through the update – ‘revamped’ with new art and coloured markings allowing enhanced visibility.

The brilliantly titled ‘Poisonous toad dust bombs’ have also been added through the update, useful for stunning opponents (they’re not just useful for really good looking enemies, we want to stress…but they’re good for like, knocking out bad guys).

Oil Bombs will provide a short range offensive, and well, where would we be in gaming these days without alcohol? In a flash? For a Viking? Drink back the newly included booze to give yourself a health boost.

Want more? Well how about a 15% discount on Steam and the Humble Bundle Store? Yeah, you’re welcome.

Michael Rud Jakobsen, Founder and Creative Director of Playwood Project;

“This latest update and content package is considerably bigger than and represents the core of the feedback and work we’ve been doing on Wartile since Early Access.

This Adventure Pack also introduces a new skirmish mode that we’re very excited to reveal with a whole new Battleboard, in addition to a new mission titled ‘Thors Wrath’, updated UI and reworked art for the card system, as we strive to continually enhance the overall player experience.”

The update is available now so what are you waiting for? GO GET.

Source [Press Release]

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