Superhot gets patched, makes game even better


We love Superhot here, I mean really love it, I would go as far as say it’s currently my game of the year, simply becuase in VR it’s just so much damn fun. But, it wasn’t perfect, close, but not perfect, there were a few things that needed fixing, primarily the resolution on PS4 pro, the throwing mechanic and a weird glitch that spawned you out side of the room you were meant to be in. Resulting in a  game quit and restart situation.

Good news all you virtual Neo’s and Quicksilver’s Superhot team has released  patch 1.02 has been released and fixes two of the three issues I had while playing. Which is not bad going. here is full change log

  • Higher resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Fixed achievements (Chosen one, You are free, GGEZ, What’s wrong with you?!, Nice Combo, Faster, Take your time)
  • Fixed bug in the first hacker room with spawning player at the incorrect position.
  • Mindwave tutorial changed and mind wave values tweaked to be less rigoristic.
  • Fixed AI of red dudes on few levels

If they could just tweak the throwing mechanics then this game would be the best. Probably ever.  Check out our review here

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