Super Nintendo Themed Switch is the best thing you’ll see today


Now we all know that the Super Nintendo was and still is the best console that has ever graced the human race. It was a sad time when modern technology came along with CDs and crap and killed it off.

Thankfully Nintendo haven’t been killed off, even though it’s been close at times. They have the new Switch console, which according to our very own Rossko is a damn fine machine.

To make the Switch even more tempting to us oldies, there is now a SNES themed Switch, which is unofficial but looks absolutely incredible!

The skin is made by Made by Pop Skin and literally covers everything that needs covering on The Switch. And do go trolling the comments about the rough edges this is a skin, a wrap, not a paint job so leave that shit behind and just bask in the magnificence of this SNES themed Switch. Nintendo? you know what to do


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