Super Bomberman R receives an explosive new update 1.4


Konami have today revealed a bunch of new additions coming to Super Bomberman R on the Nintendo Switch.

The update 1.4 will see the game receive brand new team battles, characters along with maps and much more. You’re gonna have to cough up if you want them though as the items will need to be unlocked in the game shop using your precious gems you’ve earned throughout the game.

Here’s a look at that new content that’s coming to the game today;

• Team Battles – Players can create their own teams to battle against other players from around the world. Once all other team colours have been wiped out, the last team standing declares victory. Set 3-team or 4-team battles, as well as 1v4 to create the ultimate challenge.

• 4 New Maps for Battle Mode:

o Plain Floor – A large open space in the middle of the stage creates an intense battle

o Desert Fort – Strategically manoeuvre between moving red tiles to win

o Classic Conveyor Belt – The well-known conveyor belt from past series is back!

o Panic Factory – Covered mostly with conveyor belts, this stage creates a chaotic battle

• 3 New Characters – Pyramid Head, Simon Belmont and Vic Viper join the battle, each with a special ability:
o Pyramid Head Bomber from Silent Hill: Defeat your enemies instantaneously when in contact
o Simon Belmont Bomber from Castlevania: Draw in bombs and characters from far away
o Vic Viper Bomber from Gradius: Super-fast movement

• New Accessories
o Snowflake Series
o Item Series

Source [Press Release]

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