Sonic Forces gets dated, shows off bonus content


Sonic Forces comes with some physical goodies. Huzzah!

Not got enough of the ol’ blue hedgehog this year? Well never fear, that ‘other’ Sonic game, Sonic Forces, has just got itself  a release date and it’s slap bang in the middle of the gaming season.

Sonic Forces will launch on PS4, Xbox One and Switch on November 7th, physically and digitally and if you do the ol’ pre-order, you’re gonna get yourself some pretty sweet in-game items – namely outfits for your customisable hero ripped straight from some classic SEGA titles including Jet Set Radio, Persona 5, Puyo Puyo, Super Monkey Ball and NiGHTS.

Not only that, you’ll also nab some Sonic Forces stickers for your console controller of choice. heard. Wanna see em?

You don’t even have to ask, I’m all over this. Thoughts?

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