Shadow of the Colossus PS4 vs PS3 Comparison Video brings the wow factor


Literally out of nowhere Sony dropped the tiniest of bombs by announcing critically acclaimed Shadow of the Colossus will be coming to PS4. There was a short trailer showing the game in action in a cinematic kind of way. But it did leave a lot of  questions. What is this going to be, a remake or a remaster? Lets not forget that SotC was remastered for PS3 not too long ago bringing with it 3D support

Thankfully Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida cleared everything up in a recent interview with Japanese gaming bible Famitsu

“It is a remake, The game content is the same as the original version, but all the assets are being remade. I figured we could use such tech to make if we’re going to make Shadow of the Colossus in the PS4 era. Bluepoint is the development company behind the PS3 remaster versions of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. So we know them rather well.”

Also revealed in the interview is that the game will feature alternative controls

“It’s the same, but player preferences for controls and such change over time, so we’re working on implementing a more modernized way to play,”

Which is good news indeed because when I last played Ico a few months back the controls sucked way hard. Anyway there is also this amazing companion video doing the rounds which shows just how much of a remake Shadow of the Colossus is.

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