SEGA Forever Teases Retro Game Revolution Via Awesome Cassette Mix Tape


We got something pretty awesome in the post today – A SEGA Forever Cassette Tape which teases the future of Retro Games on Mobiles.

This almost never happens. While other outlets are opening their cool review packs full of awesome merchandise, we’re looking on longingly – but not this time.

Opening up the post at Finger Guns towers, I was met with a surprise package with a SEGA label and the words “To be this good…” written on the rear.

I wasn’t expecting anything from SEGA so was pretty excited to open it – hell, I’m glad when I get anything that isn’t a bill these days – but I wasn’t prepared for what was inside.

A cassette Mixtape! Remember those? The awesome music medium you used to give to a girl/boy you fancied? No? Then you’re probably under 20 years old. Anyway…

On the Mix Tape are the words “SEGA Forever” (the mysterious SEGA project we stumbled across last month that’s likely a mobile based subscription service) and on the insert is a list of some of the most iconic songs from classic retro SEGA games. They are as follows;

Side A
1. Space Harrier – Theme
2. Outrun – Magical Sound Shower (Theme)
3. Super Hang-On – Outride a crisis
4. Phantasy Star II – Rise or Fall
5. Shining Force II – Lively Town
6. Columns – Clotho

Side B
1. Vectorman – Terraport
2. Altered Beast – Rise From Your Grave
3. Golden Ace – Wilderness
4. Kid Chameleon – Opening Theme
5. G-loc Air Battle – Title Theme
6. Outrun – Last Wave


What a collection. It’s only missing the Green Hill Zone theme to be the best Retro SEGA music collection ever collated. On the back is simply the words “To Sound This Good Takes Ages!”

Freaking out a little, I ran up stairs and dug out my old tape deck which is (so very disappointingly) broken so I can’t test to see if the Cassette actually has these songs on it or not. Anyway…

So what does this all mean?
Well, along with the Casette, the envelope contained a message;

“Cassette Tapes Changed Music Forever. We’re about to do the same with Retro Gaming on Mobile”

So it’s all but confirmed via this Cassette that SEGA Forever is about reinvigorating SEGA’s classic titles on Mobiles and that it’s probably some kind of service rather than just re-releases. Is there any importance to the Cassette – a medium that had 2 sides and could be re-recorded? Possibly, but I don’t think we’ll have to wait long to find out what exactly SEGA Forever is as the twitter account has suddenly woken up…

I suggest you get over to Twitter and follow @SEGAForever because I don’t think we’ll have to wait “forever” for an unveiling.

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