Sea of Thieves gets its Closed Beta dates


Waiting on Rare’s latest? This news is for you. 

Sea of Thieves isn’t too far away now and Microsoft have today confirmed dates for its closed beta at the end of January.

The Closed Beta will run from 12pm GMT on 24th Jan to 8pm GMT on 28th Jan, allowing five full days of sailing, blaring out sea shanties, finding treasure and shooting up other ships trying to lay claim to your islands. Rare have crafted a ‘bespoke experience’ for the Closed Beta, which will allow players to experience what Sea of Thieves is going to be all about. The full game won’t be tested during the beta.

If you want access you would have had to have joined the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme before December 1st. If you haven’t done that, no worries, a pre-order of the game will ensure your participation.

For the latest on Sea of Thieves, keep is checked in with FingerGuns or check out the Xbox Wire and the official Sea of Thieves site.

Source [Press Release]

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