Say Hello to the Spectrum Laptop

At first glance, you may have thought the image above is just a picture of an early 90’s laptop, but on closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s actually a portable ZX Spectrum and it looks ACE.

I realise that there have been lots of various Spectrum remakes, all of which are great and do justice the famous desktop computer albeit with a few modifications and modern tech built in. I am also aware that there have been portable ZX Spectrums, mainly consisted of a screen, a d-pad and a button and done away with the famous rubbery keyboard altogether. Great for on the go gaming. But there has never been a proper hand-held portable Spectrum, that had the screen and the keyboard. Until now that is.

Dan Birch is the man behind this fantastic machine. Like I said earlier, it might look like a 90’s laptop, but you’d be right in thinking that because the casing came from an HP Omnbook. But it doesn’t matter, whether it be by accident or by design it looks like (if it was ever made, the ZX Spectrum plus 4) All the insides are what you would expect from a modern remake. LCD panel and controller for the Next’s HDMI port, a Raspberry Pi, a USB hub, a USB to PS/2 converter, and a slimline USB keyboard.


I actually love this, and would happily have this sitting on my computer desk. Shame it doesn’t come with a battery.


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