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Palm Reading Premium (PS4) Review – Facepalm

The only premium aspect of Palm Reading Premium is the price. The FNGR GNS Review;

Palm Reading, much like tea leaves, Tarot and Horoscopes and various other types of divination have always been fascinating to me. Rather than just the results of said readings (which I don’t hold any stock in, to be honest), it’s the origins and the mechanics of these readings that really interest me. The “Why” and “How” of Palm Reading, why this line being close to this line means something etc, is something I’ve always wanted to learn so when Palm Reading Premium, a game from Crazysoft, promised to “train me into the ‘palmistry art'”, I thought “what the hell. Let’s give it a go”.

Huge mistake. Huuuuuge mistake.

Palm Reading Premium is a visual guide to palmistry. Navigating a set of menu’s, you get to choose to analyse you’re Heart Line, Head Line, Life Line, Saturn Line, Apollo Line, Mercury Line, fingers, thumbs, hand size and relationship compatibility. Once you’ve chosen what you want to analyse, you’re presented by a number of images which you’re to compare to your own hand and to select the ones that looks closest to your own mits. 5-7 screens later and you’re presented with a page full of information about what your palms say about you.

But what happens when your hand looks nothing like those pictures shown to you? Of the 4 different sets of hands we’ve analysed using Palm Reading Premium, 3 of them have not matched up with many of this games guides. This has then resulted in a number of conflicting results like a “You’re a very creative person” result for one line followed by “You’re not very creative” with the next.

For the sum of £10.99, I’d certainly expect a game to be more interactive than browsing a website but Palm Reading Premium is barely as involving as you reading this review. The game was originally an iOS and Android app that sold for $2.99 at release and the game hasn’t evolved since 2016. After 15 minuets with the game, you’ll have experienced everything you can with this game. You can track the results of 5 different players in the game but with the inconsistency of the results, it’s hardly worth doing.

Most disappointingly, despite promising to be “the most professional palmistry and chirology software out there”, Palm Reading Premium does nothing to explain any of the mechanics behind the “art”. For half the price of this game, you can buy a book from Amazon which would explain the in’s and out’s of Palmistry and with the change, you could head down to the Blackpool waterfront to get a palm reading from a “professional” to boot.

I can make my thumb look like all of these images by flexing my hand a little more….

The very existence of Palm Reading Premium on PS4 is a mystery to me and the price of it is an affront to potential customers and a blatant cash grab. This is a title that’s not worth the price no matter if you build your life around your palm reading or you think it’s a load of old poppycock.

Palm Reading Premium is available now on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4 (review version).

Developer: Crazysoft
Publisher: Crazysoft

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, we purchased a copy of the game. For more information, please see our review policy.

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