Resident Evil Revelations 1&2 Switch Feature Trailer


Capcom have kindly released a new video showing off what exclusive features us Switch owners can look forward upon the games relases, which is not too far away now.

Both games have made the transition, along with all the DLC including extra weapons, new episodes, costumes, characters, and stages for Raid Mode that has been released. Revelations 1 see’s you getting jaunty with zombies on a luxury liner, and the sequel sees you escaping a strange island. Good news is both games will feature co-operative modes.

For the Swith there will be motion controls, slashing gestures are standard along with reloading weapons and shaking off zombies. You can also use the IR camera to use your Joycon as a sort of light gun. Along with all that trickery there is also basic Amiibo support, tap your ‘miibo on the Switch and unlock a couple of extra grenades or ammo rounds nothing special really.


Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 will be available individually on the Nintendo eShop  for £15.99 and £19.99 respectivly. There will be a two game cartridge version available too but, oddly you’ll only get the first game on the cartrige, you’ll have to download the second game yourself. Odd.


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