Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days has launched today.


If you loved Reservoir Dogs but thought that what it needed was straight up time travel, well hot damn, you’re in luck!

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is a top down strategy action shooter (say it quickly three times, I double dare you), and gives you the ability to rewind time to guide each character through levels. Turning back time offers different strategies, along with saving downed allies. There are no health packs and limited ammo, and it’s all about executing and steal all the goddamn treasure (NB: May not be treasure).


CEO of Big Star Games Liam Patton said this about the game;

“With Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, we wanted to pay respects to one of our favorite films of all time while offering something innovative with the license. We created the ‘Time Rewind’ mechanic to let players toy with time just as Quentin Tarantino did, adding a new layer of strategy to top-down shooter games that will appeal to hardcore gamers and film fans alike.”

Lionsgate President of Interactive Ventures and Games Peter Levin added;

“We’re thrilled to give fans exciting new ways to interact with one of Lionsgate’s most iconic properties, Reservoir Dogs. From day one, we’ve loved Big Star’s unorthodox vision for Bloody Days, and the game is shaping up to become something special.”

Never get stuck in the middle with Mr. Blonde again with Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days*

*I wasn’t told to say that, but it’s a damn great tagline isn’t it? Cus like…you can rewind time and stuff..

Source [Press Release]

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