PSVR game Moss is still looking wonderful in new gameplay video

The new trailer for Moss still makes us want to live there. 

Polyarc have revealed a brand new look at the gorgeous looking PSVR exclusive Moss, thanks to the guys at PlayStation Access.

It’s fair to say we’re very much looking forward to dusting off our PlayStation VR headsets and jumping into the world of Moss and meeting up with our mouse friend, Quill. It’s utterly delightful and could be just the tonic we need from actual reality because who needs to deal with that anymore?

If you’re a fan of Moss and awaiting its release date, it’s not quite ready to be announced yet. In the meantime though you can head over to the Polyarc Store and grab yourself some cool wallpapers for your desktop and phone. There’s also an iMessages sticker pack now available on iTunes.

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