PSVR 2 is incoming.


The second generation headset is improving the originals most frustrating omissions. 

Sony have revealed that a second generation PSVR unit is in the works.

PSVR 2 (with the catchy model number of CUH-ZVR2) will have stereo earbuds built in, which is an update on the original which had an included pair that needed to be plugged in to an external connection the wire of main cable.

More impressive though is the HDR passthrough, which is a massive benefit to users with a HDR TV, which previously restricted users to not play games in HDR due to restrictions in the unit. That the new headset has HDR passthrough will mean that users will now be able to play games in HDR without having to remove the headset from the console first. It was always a dumb omission so it’s good to see the new headset fixing this.

The unit will also come with a completely new design, though we haven’t seen it just yet. We imagine the reveal will occur during Sony’s Paris Games Week conference at the end of the month.

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