PS4, X1 and Steam racer Gravel gets itself a Season Pass

Upcoming racer will have a Season Pass packed with extra content. 

Milestone have revealed the Season Pass for upcoming racer Gravel, which will include 5 premium DLC’s which will be released from February through to June.

The Season Pass will give access to the 5 DLC’s, that include 12 new vehicles, ten 10 check point tracks, four new Wild Rush circuits and two new Off-Road Career Events.

The Season Pass isn’t the only DLC coming though, with new content being available free including ‘Gravel Free’ car Bowler Bulldog, a powerful car to ‘prove your true worth’. Deep.

There’s also the Acciona, an ‘stunningly powerful’ electric car, which will be available to download 21 March.

Gravel is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Steam February 27th.

Source [Press Release]

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