PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hits 3 million players on Xbox One


The phenomenon has reached a mighty number on consoles. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – or PUBG, if you like – has been on Xbox One for exactly a month and in that time it’s amassed a rather impressive number of players in 30 days.

The Game Preview edition that’s currently available on Xbox One has had a rather, well, broken launch and has seen a variety of updates in that time to ensure a smoother game play experience, and whilst it isn’t there yet by any stretch of the imagination – Rossko has been playing it and got killed by a dude hiding with the confines of a tree. True story -, it’s good to see the game is getting some great attention.

Still, when PUBG is smashing records all over Steam – nearly 25 million players, no less – the Xbox One version has amassed three million players. Madness. Not only that, on the first day of release over a million players jumped on the game.

Super Lucky’s Tale not cutting the mustard then? Shame. Still, with PUBG close to being what we could all possibly recognise as a videogame on Xbox One, we don’t see many other Xbox games getting a look in with those kinds of numbers.

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  1. […] You know PUBG, right? It’s proved rather popular over the course of the year. The Xbox release was the first time it had dropped anywhere but PC and anticipation was high to see what the hell the fuss was all about in regards to its popularity. Xbox owners were foaming at the mouth, ready to rub it in the faces of the ‘Ponies’ who weren’t getting access to their console exclusive. This was Microsoft’s big Christmas game and by all accounts, it’s sold in big numbers, as was expected. […]

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