PC Building Simulator partner with EVGA.

The upcoming PC Build Simulator has just got itself a fair bit of muscle in its corner. 

The team behind the upcoming PC Building Simulator have announced a partnership with EVGA.

The tech sim will launch into Steam Early Acces on March 27th with a full fledged Career mode, a Free building mode and a ‘how to build a PC’ mode, the place we’re probably going to be spending most of our time. The PC’s you build can be constructed with a simulated operating system and includes a variety of programs including 3DMark from FutureMark. Neat!

EVGA components confirmed to be coming to the game on launch or just after;

DG-8 line of cases – Built for the enthusiast with an optimized airflow path that gives you dedicated cooling fans for your graphics cards.
DG-7 line of cases – The DG-7 is a case designed with aesthetics and function in mind, and is the perfect mid-tower solution.
SuperNOVA line of PSUs – These power supplies follow the EVGA tradition of uncompromised power and performance, and are nearly silent.
GeForce 10 family of GPU’s – GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics cards are the most advanced gaming GPUs ever created. They’re driven by the new NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture and the latest technologies to deliver incredible new levels of gaming performance and immersive VR.

Check out the trailer which takes a closer look at the EVGA components.

Source [Press Release]

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