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Planet Coaster: Console Edition Coming To PS5 and Xbox Series X

Planet Coaster: Console Edition has a ticket to ride on PS5 and Xbox Series X this year.

Frontier Developments have revealed today that Planet Coaster will be coming to the next generation of consoles in holiday 2020. Originally announced for PS4 and Xbox One, Planet Coaster: Console Edition is adding PS5 and Xbox Series X to its launch platforms later this year.

“Planet Coaster: Console Edition brings to life the fun and excitement of designing and running a theme park, offering all the depth, strategy, and customisation found in the beloved PC game and allowing players to create and manage the ultimate coaster park as they strive for success. Inspiring piece-by-piece construction offers limitless freedom as players sculpt the park of their dreams, while physics-driven realism and advanced simulation puts them close to the action. Players are in full control, tweaking every aspect as crowds react with delight, panic, or disapproval in real-time.”

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