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Horror game Quantum Error announced for PS5 & PS4

Announced via a teaser trailer on the developers website, Quantum Error is a 'Cosmic Horror' for PS5.

We’ve not even seen the PS5 console yet but games are getting announced for it quickly. The latest is Quantum Error, a ‘Cosmic Horror’ from Teamkill Media. Check out this teaser trailer;

There’s not much to go on here but I’m getting very strong F.E.A.R. meets Dead Space vibes here and I’m all for that. For the developers responsible, Teamkill Media, this would be their second release as back in Feb 2020, they released Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris on PS4 and PC. This title will come to the Xbox One eventually.

Quantum Error Kings of Lorne
Hopefully Quantum Error looks just as good as Kings of Lorn (above)

Make sure to follow the development of Quantum Error by following the developers on Twitter, liking the game on Facebook and following it on Instagram.

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