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Could we be Seeing a Mafia IV and Mafia II remastered?

After Mafia III which was released around three years ago, it's all been a bit quiet on the gangster-em-up, this could be due to the third instalment not being particularly well received, thanks to lots of bugs and so so gameplay (even though the story was ace)

However silence has been broken, sort of as 2K games have been busy on the trademark front. Last month Take-Two interactive, the parent company of 2K games registered three trademarks in relation to the Mafia Franchise.

The first two trademarks are simply for Mafia, with two different logo types, one using the same font as the previous game and one completely new which could suggest a reboot of the series.

The third trademark specifically mentions Mafia II and features the same logo with the silhouette  of a gangster in the letters. This could just be a domain renew, to keep the trademark active, or it could possibly suggest that we’ll be seeing a Mafia II remaster, which I hope is true as it’s arguably the best in the series.

It’s likely that Take-Two will release the remaster, and then announce Mafia 4, Which could just be called Mafia as per the trademark, if it’s to be a reboot.

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