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Fantastic World War Z Gameplay Overview Trailer

Ooof! a new World War Z trailer has landed giving a gameplay overview. This game looks fantastic. It had better live up to expectation or else!

In case you didn’t know World War Z is based on the hit movie (sequel in the works apparently) and features literally thousands of manic zombies just like the film. Just check out the damn trailer and see all the zombie slaying goodness!

World War Z’sco-op campaign takes place across four episodes, each containing three chapters, set in New York, Jerusalem, Moscow and Tokyo. Before diving into a chapter, you will need to select a class and weapon loadout. Whether supporting the team with ammo and heals, specializing in explosives or unleashing devastating firepower, you’ll find a class suited to any playstyle.

In World War Z, every play session tells its own unique story of survival through the help of the AI director, which constantly adapts to the actions of you and your squad. For example, a stealthy approach is rewarded with far less zombies spawns, allowing you to conserve precious ammunition. When it comes to massive swarm events, struggling squads may also be granted additional defensive equipment such as an extra auto turret or mortar.

Alongside the narrative-driven campaign, players can also compete against each other in 4v4 across a variety of Player vs Player vs Zombies modes. This includes zombified twists on classics such as King of the Hill, Domination and Deathmatch, alongside the all-new Scavenge Raid and Vaccine Hunt modes. Watch our PvPvZ trailer here to catch up on the competitive undead action.

World War Z launches on PC and consoles on April 16

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