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SEGA Shop reveals Numskull’s Sonic The Hedgehog Candle

Sonic. Candles. Sonic Candles. It's all good.

SEGA Europe have revealed the ultimate candle for Sonic fans. What would it be? Well, it’s a Sonic the Hedgehog candle. You see? That’s how that works.

Designed by those legends at Numskull Designs, the candle is designed around the item box from the classic games, and features the rings, speedy boots, invincible and ‘ten ring’ logos, the candle sits in the holder ‘comfortably’.

The candle has a tropical watermelon scent, which apparently is made to remind you of the smell of Green Hill Zone. Apparently there are watermelons at the Green Hill Zone? Well, who knew. You learn something every day.

Head to the SEGA Shop to pre-order yourself a shiny new Sonic Candle.

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