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EGX 2019 is going back to London town.

There's no place like London.

Because apparently you can’t ever have too much of a good thing, Gamer Network have today announced that the UK’s biggest games show EGX is moving back to its London roots for next years event.

That’s right, EGX is moving to the ExCeL in London for four days from the 17th to the 20th of October next year, after living up at the NEC in Birmingham for the past five years. It was a happier time. Still, EGX 2019 will no doubt be host to all the usual shenanigans like long lines, overpriced food and drink, endless swag, retro game zones, cosplay competitions and wannabe YouTubers with their giant camera rigs getting in everybody’s way.

David Lilley, Event Director for the Gamer Network and reason why this shocking turn of events is occurring;

“We are thrilled to be bringing EGX home. Moving back to London means we can grow all elements of the show and add new content and features that we know our fans desire, making this an unmissable outing for gamers and the UK games industry.”

Still, all is not lost. For us folks nowhere near London but indubitably used to travelling down to its ever growing black mass of soul-sucking nothingness, Gamer Network are working to provide former Birmingham EGX attendees with a cheaper transport solution to get down to next years event. There’s also a discount incoming when they go on sale.


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