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DESTINY 2: Everything we know.

So then, Destiny 2’s gameplay has been officially revealed and hot damn, there’s an awful lot to talk about here. So, let’s get started with the trailers and gameplay footage: This post will be added to the more we learn […]

So then, Destiny 2’s gameplay has been officially revealed and hot damn, there’s an awful lot to talk about here. So, let’s get started with the trailers and gameplay footage:

This post will be added to the more we learn about Destiny 2. 

Lord Ghaul has reached the tower, and humanity has fallen to an overwhelming invasion from the Red Legion.

Guardians have been stripped of their power (yes, everything) and survivors have fled the last city. It’s up to us to explore the solar system, discover new weapons, combat abilities and defeat the Red Legion, confront Ghaul, reunite the Guardians and reclaim the last city.

There are three new subclasses for Hunter, Warlock and Titan. The Warlock’s Dawnblade appears to provide a sword that’s on freakin’ fire. The Hunter’s Arcstrider has an electric pike and the Titan’s Sentinel will get a shield.

There are three new subclasses – one for Hunter, Warlock and Titan. The Warlock’s Dawnblade gives them what looks like a flaming sword, while the Hunter’s Arcstrider has an electric pike. Finally, the Titan’s Sentinel will get a void shield which looks like Captain America.

No pressure then.

The Four New Worlds.


The largest destination yet featuring forests, abandoned towns, a cave system below the surface along with a Red Legion military base to overthrow.


One of Saturn’s Moons where Commander Zavala is regrouping under Ghaul. Titan has no land, only platforms surrounded by an ocean


An unstable planetoid that has been consumed whole by the Vex. This is also where Cayde-6 is residing, working on his own mission in a landscape of huge walls, canyons and Vex cavers.


This is where you’ll find Ikora Rey, who came here in search of answers. IO is the last known site the Traveler visited during the Golden Age. Now occupied by our enemies.

New Director

Your guide through Destiny 2. Search for Adventures, Public Events, Lost Sectors and more. Players can pick landing zones, explore and jump into activities in game. 

Adventures and Lost Sectors

Destiny 2 will have shorter missions with stories that are self contained, allowing the player to learn more about the world of Destiny 2.

Lost Sectors

Dungeon layers scattered throughout the world, each with their own boss guarding loot to earn. You love that loot, come on, we know you do. Just say it. You love the loot.

Public Events

Public events are unique, dynamic and optional combat activities the players can join whatever they like as they explore world solo or up to nine players. Action, adventure and gameplay activities for all types of players.

Join Friends to Complete Co-Op Experiences

Three-player missions in Destiny 2 / The Raid six player missions with ‘incredible’ challenges and rewards.

The Crucible

Competitive 4v4 PvP gameplay with new modes and maps. Featuring;

  • Countown – a new competitive mode where players will spawn on either Offence or Defence and when the roud ends you swap sides and roles. Your end goal is to plant a bomb at the enemy base and defend it until it explodes. Each round is worth a single point, first team to win six points win.
  • Midtown is an abandoned part of the City. The moment the Red Legion invaded they ignored this part of the City in their takeover. They deemed Midtown was of no tactical importance.

Clan Creation

Destiny 2 will introduce a brand new system that allows friends to bring their culture and community to the forefront of Destiny. Clans are fully integrated into the game and will provide banners, their own rewards and XP systems for all of its included members.

Another new feature is Guided Games, which brings solo players and communities together to play challenging activities including Trials, Raids and Nightfall Strikes.


Destiny 2 is coming to PC through Battle.net…that’s right, it’s not coming to Steam. Pfft.

The PC version will include the following addition features.

  • 4k Resolution Support (3820×2160)
  • Uncapped framerate
  • Full mouse and keyboard support with custom key mapping
  • Text chat
  • Adjustable Field of View
  • Detailed PC settings screen
  • 21:9 monitor support

Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision:

“Destiny established a blockbuster, new franchise and a massive global community of amazingly passionate fans. And today, we are giving people their first look at the gameplay of Destiny 2. Destiny 2 has a great story, an iconic new villain, awesome characters you want to go on an epic adventure with, and of course, tons of the amazing gameplay that Destiny is known for. We, along with our partners at Bungie, have listened carefully to our community, and have added thoughtful innovations that make the game, and all of its content, more accessible to more types of players than ever before.”

Pete Parsons, Bungie CEO said;

“This is a defining moment for our studio, and we couldn’t have done it without the continued support of our partners in Activision, Sony and now Blizzard.” He added, “We have an amazing community of players who have been with us on this journey, but with the sequel, the team are paying close attention to welcoming new and returning Guardians to the universe with something for every type of gamer, including gameplay for solo, cooperative and competitive players with new places to explore and adventures to conquer.”

Mike Morhaime, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment.

“We’re pleased to support Destiny 2 as the first non-Blizzard game on our platform, and we look forward to joining fellow Guardians in their fight against the Red Legion.”

Destiny 2 will be available on September 8th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

The PC release date is TBC.


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