You will have to bear with me on this one, it’s a long shot, but if it turns out to be true, then hell yeah count me in.

Now the Far Cry games have spanned all the corners of the globe, Tropical islands, Africa, Thailand and they have all been great. But imagine a Far Cry game in the wild west!? That would be about the best thing ever.

Why I Hear you cry is there any chance that it could be set in the wild west? Well, a post in The Great Falls Tribune reported that a live action trailer was being made in the Montana prairie  Presbyterian Church. The film consisted of two men fighting yada yada but the interesting part is that the company behind it are Ubisoft. Producer Jeff Guillot Said “This is a sequel to an existing global franchise”

Now looking at Ubisoft’s library, Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, The Division, Watch Dogs are not suitable games for the wild west. Far Cry on the other hand is a perfect fit. Adding weight to this theory, Ubisoft recently sent a survey to existing Far Cry players asking them for their preferred setting for the next Far Cry game, one of the options was “A Far Cry game in the Spaghetti West Style set in the late 19th Century”

I get that there are a whole bunch of straws being clutched right now, but it does sound feasible. According to the Tribune, the new game will be released in September, which is a bit of a stretch. E3 is just around the corner so we’ll know soon enough.


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