New Transformers Animated Movie in the works


Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.!!!!! That would normally have been my excited response at the news that Hasbro are going to make a new Transformers animated movie. Except, it’s actually words or exasperation.

Yes Boulder Media Studio (owned by Hasbro) are going to be developing a new Transformers Cartoon and will be first in  a series of films with the plan to release on yearly. There has been no date given for the reals of the first of the cartoon films, but it will be distributed by Paramount. The film is rumored to be based around the origin of the Transformers.

However, as good as all that sounds, It’s not good at all. The cartoons will be set in the Micheal Bay universe. The Michael Fucking Bay Universe! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.!!!!! what’s the fucking point? Not only is the MB universe dying with people getting bored with ‘ Fast and the Formers’ films, but no Transformer fan in their right mind would ever want to go and see an animated cartoon based on those fucked up hideous son of a mother dick robots from the films. Please Hasbro can you not just leave it alone now?

Of course there was a Transformers animated movie that was released in 1986 which even to this day is far better than any of the live action films as these 10 reasons will tell you. And I will guarantee it will be still be better than any animated shit based on the MB universe.

I can’t really express my disappointment at this news. I really hoped that considering the god awful The Last Knight didn’t set box office figures  alight, we would start to see and end to this Transformers nightmare, with a reboot of some kind on the menu. I’m trying to see a positive in this, the only thing I can think of is that they have decided to ditch the Michael Bay films, and do a reboot starting with the Bumblebee movie next year. But of course there are still fans of the MB Universe so they are going to keep those people happy with some animated films. That’s the only positive I can think of.



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