Motorcycle Brawler Road Rage Announced


Road Rage eh? Sounds familiar…

If you can remember far back to the days of the Mega Drive you’ll remember a game form EA called Road Rash, it wasn’t your typical racing game though, four wheels were replace with two and riders of these motorcycles wielded some weapons so you could bat your opponent into next week

Seeing as EA don’t seem all that bothered about releasing a new Road Rash game, Maximum Games have decided to fill the gap with high speed racer Road Rage.

The idea of the game is simple, players must race, battle and hustle their way up the ranks of an outlaw motorcycle gang all in an open-world city.

Bikes will be customizable as you engage in all-out gang warfare on your bike, and judging from the few screens we have the weapons are looking pretty deadly. Sounds fun as you attempt to get through 90 story-driven side missions.

Road Rage is hitting PS4, Xbox One, and PC on 24 October



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