More Minecraft Story Mode is incoming..


TellTale are returning to the goldmine. Because…well of course they are. 

It’s true of any company eh? Get a success and then release everything and anything related to that success in order to capitalise on said success in order to procure even more success. Success. Have I used that word enough?

Anyway, a ratings board today may have just let slip the existence of a second series of Minecraft Story Mode, TellTale’s massively successful series from 2015/2016. A series so successful they added three extra episodes on top o of the initial five.

Revealing the first episode could be called A Hero in Residence, TellTale themselves are yet to confirm the series, although leading up to E3 there’s a chance we’ll probably hear about it very soon indeed.

Their latest series Guardians of the Galaxy gets its second episode release, ‘Under Pressure’ tomorrow, and with a second series of Game of Thrones underway along with an unannounced brand new series, they’re as ever busy bees over there having just wrapped up their third Walking Dead series.

Are you ready for Minecraft Story Mode Series 2? Sound off below.

Source [Eurogamer]


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  1. […] Via a press release TellTale have announced that the first episode ‘Hero in Residence’ of the new season will launch on July 11th, which confirms a leak from a couple days ago. […]

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