Miniclip reveal Football Strike, available now!


The developer that never sleeps reveals Football Strike for your mobiles.

Miniclip are at it again with yet another mobile release this week (seriously, do these guys ever take a day off?), where it’s the turn of Football Strike to launch on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Football Strike is a free-to-play multiplayer free kick game which puts you in the boots of footballers attempting to curl one into the top corner and get their FIFA rankings up. Not really, but you can imagine this is the kind of things people will nothing to worry about have to worry about.

The game features a variety of modes including a time-limited Shooting Race mode, taking turns as striker or keeper in Free Kick mode, and even a Career mode where you can travel around the world playing in different stadiums.

The game also features upgrades and custom options, along with being able to play as your ‘favourite team’, including FC Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, FC Schalke 04, FC Zenit and more. No love for Exeter City? Pfft..maybe in an update.

Football Strike is available now. I’ve had a blast on it and it’s a good little time-waster, and works as a great alternative when your Switch has died on the commute. Go get!

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