Marvel Heroes Omega is coming to Xbox One on June 30th


Set your calendars, the fun is coming Xbox way at the end of the month.

You may have noticed here at Finger Guns we’ve been having some fun with Marvel Heroes Omega. If you’re interested, you can read our review here, a feature detailing all the Founders Packs and a round-up of all our coverage including Let’s Plays right here.

You may have noticed one thing in having a nose at all of that delightful content, it’s all from the PS4 version of the game? Well, yes. You see the game is still in open beta on PS4 but GOOD NEWS! Marvel Heroes Omega now has an official Xbox One release date and it’s not too far away.

Marvel Heroes Omega will be coming to Xbox One on June 30th, coincidentally the same day the game comes out of Open Beta on PS4.

Good news right? You’re damn right. We’ve had plenty of fun with the game and we can’t wait until it gets in the hands of even more players (Psst: Spider-Man rules…)

Source [Press Release]


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