Mario Kart VR gets a new trailer. MARIO KART VR!!


Yes, that’s right the everything us Mario Kart fans have been dreaming of since the very first game on the SNES will be arriving in  arcades soon. I didn’t know Mario Kart Vr was a real thing until I saw this trailer and it looks great, and exactly how you would imagine it.

I don’t know any of the details cause Japanese, but from what the trailer shows, everything is present and correct. Including all the power-ups, which are manually thrown I think.

Now, I really really want to get excited about this as I love Mario Kart. But, After playing Driveclub in VR and nearly throwing up my finely cooked pizza, I’m not sure how well the twisty turny topsy turvy loop the loop tracks of Mario Kart will translate to those of a more delicate disposition. I mean it was bad enough playing F-Zero on the Gamecube. Maybe I should just man up. Anyway check out the short trailer below

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