The Little Acre iOS Review – Short-lived Charm fest


Stepping away from all the guns and kinetic energy of games these days it’s nice to see the trend in Point and Click adventures continues to grow, and offer something different to gamers. The latest game to enter the fray is The Little Acre. A charming looking point and click adventure now available on iOS . But is it a little gem or a big fail? Read on to find out more.

The first thing you’ll notice about The Little Acre is how gorgeous it all looks. The hand-drawn graphics and  animation look absolutely stunning and immediately pull you into the game. It is nice for a game released long after our childhood gaming days have disappeared, that brings back all the feels of games of days gone. It’s just a shame the game doesn’t quite match the gorgeous world Pewter Games have created.

Little Acre has an ace up its sleeve. Throughout the game you’ll be control of Aidan and his daughter Lilly as they try to figure out what’s happened to Aidan’s dad who has disappeared. It’s an interesting mechanic and plays out like this. You will take control of Aidan and explore the environment and figure out the puzzle needed, then you’ll play the same environment as Lilly with different puzzles to solve. Of course one being an adult and one being child they both have their own way of looking at the world, which makes for an interesting twist and keeps things a little fresh when they could have quite easily become dull.

Once you get to know the characters, it’s hard not to fall in love with them thanks in part to the charming visuals and the twee voice work. It’s just a shame the game doesn’t match up.

One of the reasons is because this is on iOS which makes the gameplay so bog standard it kinda hurts. You enter an environment and everything you can interact with flashes with a yellow circle, from there it’s just a case of tapping each one until something makes sense. There is no real gameplay to that in my opinion. Movement is also carried out by tapping on-screen so you’re literally sitting there for two hours (it’s a short game) tapping on the screen wondering why you can’t use a pump handle on a pump.

Of course being a point and click adventure, there are puzzles to solve, these can range for the bleeding obvious to ones that don’t really make much sense. Thankfully they aren’t much of a challenge and there is no real change in the complexities of the puzzles the further you get in the game. Thankfully there is a help option in case you get stuck, but this was only really used when the puzzles were too obscure.

I guess this could both be compliment and detriment to the game. On one hand you want something more to the game but on the other, it’s on mobile, and suits the half hour blast on the way to work.

Little Acre is a hard game to score, the hand drawn visuals and animation and endearing cast of characters are really top-notch, but the game is slow and methodical which may not suit everyone, I realise that is the nature of the beast with Point and Click adventures, but the games like Monkey Island kept everything moving at a fair pace. The later levels could have done with a more complex puzzles, if anything to add some longevity. There were also some technical issues at the time of review as it was prone to crashing. I’m sure this will be fixed with a patch soon enough.

Little Acre  would be a great game to set down with your children to play, It’s almost like an interactive bed time story, but if you’re going with that idea, then you would be better off getting the PS4 or Steam versions.


Developer: Pewter Games Studios
Publisher: Curve Digital

Available now for £2.99 on iOS (reviewed), PS4 and PC.

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, we were provided with a review code from the publisher. For more information on how we review or score games, please see our review policy.

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