Limbo Meets Mental Health Week in Stunning Images.


When Limbo was released in 2010 it set the gaming wold on fire. Not only was it great 2D platform game with some brain bending puzzles, but it looked utterly incredible with its stylistic and oh so hauntingly bleak graphics. It was something i’d never seen before. and something I fell in love with immediately.

What set the graphics apart was the stark contrast of blacks and whites and the foggy greys found somewhere in the middle. All the while these graphics were punctured with dots of white for the hero’s eyes. There was no music and sound effects were kept to a minimum. All this added to an overwhelming feeling of isolation and fear.

Polish artist Dawid Planeta. He’s managed to capture the art of Limbo but in these astonishing 3D illustrations. It’s the same style as Limbo, but with a 3D twist. The sense of loneliness is still front and centre, the giant beasts, although recognizable  instill a sense of fear. Just like that wretched spider did in the game

But there is a serious side to these illustrations. Dawid drew these to depict the fight he has with depression. It seems recently with Mental Health week, that illustration is a good way to describe your feelings of depression and anxiety, with various people from all walks of life doodling and drawing their thoughts and fears they feel while battling such crippling mental heath issues.

I have suffered form both depression and still suffer anxiety and can fully appreciate where David is coming from in these illustrations. Mental Health week has been the best thing to happen to this disease. Not only is it great way to shake the stigma of mental health, and to get people talking about it which is one of the best things sufferers can do, but also has allowed me to discover some great artists battling with similar conditions.

I have always wondered how Limbo would translate to a 3D adventure game. Would the eeriness be lost? would that sense of isolation still be there?  I think the answer is yes judging by these illustrations. If by some quirk of fate Play Dead are reading this, perhaps a 3D limbo game could be their next project, which would be another small bonus to come out of banishing the stigma of mental health.




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