Large Bowling King update has hit iOS and Android today


A brand new Bowling King update for your mobile? Where do we get the shoes?

Bowling King has received a hefty update available on iOS and Google Play today. We have a blurb we’d like to share with you, just because we’re kind like that and we love bowling.

In this fast-paced 1 versus 1 game mode, you try to outscore the other player. The pressure is on as you race against the clock to rack up as many points as you possibly can. And that’s not all! This mode features a split screen which enables you to keep track of your opponent’s game. Go ahead and give it a try. Start knockin’ them pins down & racking up the wins now!

Prestigious New Equipment
Not one but two new Superior Bowling Balls are unleashed in this update! Get your mitts on the high performing Quickfire Golden and Platinum Trophy Bowling Balls, both with an exciting allotment of stats that will help you bring your “A” game to the lanes.

Here’s the latest trailer giving you a glimpse at the new Quickfire mode;

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