Is Sega Forever a cloud based subscription service for Mobile?


It was long ago that our super reporter dude Sean Davies let us in on some findings regarding something called SEGA forever

The stupid amongst hoped it would be a new SEGA console, the more sensible thought it would be something based on their vast and amazing catalogue of games. having already registered Facebook, Twitter and Reddit accounts. for SEGA Forever it looks like it’s all systems go that they are up to something.

Well, some evidence has emerged that could suggest that SEGA forever is a cloud based subscription service for mobile gaming! Twitter user @BearKiddy has released a few images sent to him of a version os the eighth Mega Drive game Comix Zone running on iOS that was recently released  in the Philippines. The screen shot has a couple of interesting nuggets worth investigating. Two options, ‘AD-Free’ and ‘SEGAzine’

The ad-free version is self-explanatory really, once clicked the game explains the there is an ad-free and an ad-supported versions. Ad-supported apparently only provides cloud save storage, while the ad-free version cloud-saves with a purchase button along with the all important words “SEGA_FOREVER_BUY_FOR” and at the bottom there is a little asterix which says “SEGA games may be featured upon launch”

What does this tell us? Well, this is an educated guess but I think SEGA are going launch a PS Now style gaming device for mobile, where you can create an account, purchase SEGA games, and have them accessed on all your devices, Phone, Tablet, hell maybe even laptop and TV.

Bear Kiddy also revealed that a survey he was sent by SEGA listed games that include Virtua Cop, Panzer Dragoon and Sonic the Hedgehog. Some of these games have never seen he light of day outside of the ill-fated SEGA Saturn so what better why to bring them back to life than on a cloud gaming service that you can play on whatever device you like.

None of this has been confirmed of course and it’s all speculation. But something is coming and I can’t wait to find out official what it is. I’m sure E3 will have a few answers.


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