Ironcast Gets A Nintendo Switch Release Date & Price


Match-3 meets Turn Based Strategy in Ironcast, coming to the Switch real soon.

Publishers Ripstone and Developer Dreadbit have announced the release date of their first ever Nintendo Switch Title – a port of the fantastic Ironcast.

Releasing on 10th August 2017, Ironcast will release digitally for the Switch with all of currently available DLC (including all available Commanders and Mechs) for £12.99 / $12.99 / €14.99.

Ironcast promises to make the most of the multiple ways to play on the Switch and includes HD rumble support.

Dreadbit Founder and Designer Daniel Leaver is certainly enthusiastic about the Nintendo Switch;
“I bought a Nintendo Switch at launch and I was really, REALLY excited about the concept of the console. After playing it for the first time I desperately wanted to bring Ironcast to Switch because it felt like the perfect platform for the game.”

Our Take;

Ironcast is a hidden gem right now and it’s really exciting to see it reaching out to a new audience. When it initially released on the PS4, I called it “such an enjoyably taxing and pleasurable romp that it’s easy to lose entire afternoons to it without even noticing” and gave it an 8/10 in my PSGamer (RIP) review. Apart from some difficulty spikes and some occasional reliance on the RNG, it’s a refreshing take on both the Match-3 and Turn Based Strategy genres.

The Switch is the perfect home for Ironcast. It’s a game that’ll lend itself particularly well to the portable nature of Nintendo’s newest machine and, if it’s done well, that HD rumble will add a little more spice to the proceedings that’ll make this the definitive version of the game.

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