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When the PSVR first launched, Sony made the wise decision to bundle the new piece of hi-tech VR equipment with a bunch of demo games in the shape of PlayStation VR Worlds. This was a showcase of what we could expect from Sony’s first foray into immersive gaming. For the most part, it was a stellar success. The London Heist and Ocean Descent, really showing off how VR can change gaming.

Fast forward a year or so Lucid Sight thought it about time we had another bundle of games for those gamers desperate for more VR thrills. So here we have Herocade, a generous collection of nine games, all of which are utter garbage.

This really is the bottom of the barrel stuff. Out of the nine games, five of them have literally no place in VR at all. Gumi No Yumi is as boring a puzzle game as you can get, push colored gummy-bears onto their respective coloured pads. That’s it. Why this is in VR I will never know. Space Bit Attack is Space invaders in VR which sounds great but plays so good. Alpha Turkey, well here you shoot cardboard turkeys as they approach you. It’s as bland a wave shooter you can get. Granted for about 30 seconds I had some fun then got neck ache. And that’s not the worst of them.

Oh yes, they get worse.

Zombie Strike. No this isn’t an FPS zombie shooter, you’re in a plane way up high shooting zombies on a beach trying to save people. WTF!? This is the worst case of ‘I don’t know what to put into VR so I’ll just shove this in and hope for the best’ I’ve seen. What’s worse, is there is no way to quit out of this lump of toilet unless you purposely game over which means killing the very people on purpose that you’re supposed to save. Although this did offer me some enjoyment. Jurassic Survival, well it sounds good on paper – shoot dinosaurs. What’s not to like? The promo image shows a giant T-Rex. In reality, it’s uninspiring, boring, lacks creature variety and gives you the worst neck ache. However, the 3D sound worked well. QUIT. NEXT!?

Nope, it’s nothing like what this picture is telling you

The next few games, well, they aren’t as terrible but seeing how bad the aforementioned games are, you can imagine that these aren’t great. So, Poly Runner is an endless shooter which shouldn’t be in VR at all and makes you feel sick and gives you a stiff neck. 405 Road Rage is an endless driving game which shouldn’t be in VR at all and makes you feel sick and gives you a stiff neck. Can you see a pattern emerging?

The final two games are probably the best of the bunch. Sisters, which some of you may have played on Google Cardboard, which is short, very short about 5 minutes long, but you do get a jump or two. Finally, you have Dreadhalls, which is probably the only ‘full’ VR game in the collection. It’s a procedurally generated dungeon explorer which is a little similar to Crystal Rift but worse.

The trouble with all these games is that the VR controls are wretched. Everything is stuck to your face. If you need to turn, shoot, steer whatever it is you have to turn your head. This gives you a neck ache. For example on Alpha Turkey, the gun you use isn’t controlled by your Move or DualShock, it’s controlled by your head. So the constant turning left and right to shoot messes with your neck and your head and you feel exhausted after a few seconds. ALL the games are like this so playing all nine in one sitting is just asking for trouble.

But the absolute worst part about Herocade is the loading screen that appears between games. It’s a flashing void tunnel, not only does it make you want to throw your lunch up, but it’s more than likely going to give you an epileptic attack (I can say this as I suffer from it).

BUT to finally kick you in the balls they overlay the controls on this hellish tunnel that’s moving and swirling in the background. I chose to not bother learning controls (which are basic granted) but still, this is one of the worst design decisions I’ve seen in gaming. I understand that some people are not quite so delicate as myself, but it’s still an awful idea.

All of this is wrapped up in some dreadful story about a glitch in a system with some flashing ball who talks to you and needs to fix whatever it was that has caused this glitch. I’m not really sure what was going on to be honest, but I guess something like this isn’t meant to be wrapped in a deep and meaningful story so I guess kudos to Lucid Sight for trying.

Herocade is a terrible mess of a game collection that you should avoid. Don’t be tempted by the 9 games and the cheap price tag. It’s cheap for a reason. The graphics are bland and terrible and will not inspire to you play on. On the flip side, the sound although just as cheap and unbearable as the graphics, make good use of the 3D sound making you look to your left and right as if you were there. It’s just a shame that after playing a couple of these games you will wish you weren’t.

Says a lot about a game when the one highlight was a blue whale floating over your head in the game select screen. It had no purpose being there from what I could gather but it did look good.



Herocade is out now on PSVR (reviewed) and Steam

Developer: Lucid Sight
Publisher: Lucid Sight

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, we were provided with a review code from the publisher. For more information on our review policy please go here.

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