Ground Shatter reveal buddy co-op shooter RICO


And now for something completely different from Ground Shatter. 

We love Ground Shatter here at FingerGuns, especially their cracking arcade fighter SkyScrappers which launched waay back in 2015. It was full of nostalgic wonderment and we couldn’t wait to see what they had up their sleeves next.

Well lo and behold, here it is and it’s a world away from fighting up the side of 2D buildings.

RICO is a first-person buddy cop shooter where you and a buddy / AI companion play as police officers and are given 24 hours to crack a case. You’ll be breaching procedurally generated buildings and taking down a smorgasbord of bad guys to get your answers with plenty of blood spilling knee-cap shooting headshots along the way. The game will feature online co-op and offline split-screen play

No definitive release date yet but it’s looking like we’ll see RICO in the summer of this year.

Have a nose at the trailer.

Rossko saw this game a while ago and has said to us today that it gave him ‘XIII‘ vibes, which from the trailer you can see why, the visual style certainly heads down the cel-shaded angle and looks all the better for it. Bring back cel-shading!

Here’s some delightful screenshots;


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