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Good News, Everyone! Afterparty Has a Release Date!

Night School Studio's follow up to the seminal Oxenfree, in which you have to out-drink the Devil, is finally coming this year. Why are we excited? Let's see...

If you haven’t played Oxenfree, go. Not from here, I mean go and play it, now. It’s not very long, but it’ll blow your socks off. A brilliant twist on the Famous Five/Stand by Me, coming-of-age trope, it subverted expectations when it landed back in 2016. It had a dynamic use of walking/organic narrative and dialogue, as well some going’s on that I won’t spoil here. Just go and play it.

Finished? Good. Perhaps now you will understand the hype for their follow-up title, Afterparty. A game in which you have to party hard than the fallen angel himself to be granted your escape from Hell.

Whether inspired by Keanu Reeves’ and Alex Winter’s famous duo in their battle with Death in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey or not, it certainly looks to be a great adventure.

Following the undead footsteps of Milo and Lola, Afterparty sees you engaging in drinking games, dance off(s), beer pong and a whole range of party games await you. But instead of combat, each of the 30+ drinks available give way to certain dialogue and gameplay options. Verbal sparring or sweet talking, or even just holding it together entirely seem to be on the menu, as you gate-crash your way into Satan’s party and demand your release.

Heavily inspired by early LucasArts and Tim Schaefer games, Afterparty has you playing as both characters and exploring the bonds of a friendship tested by, well, death. Which would normally put a strain on things.

If this whets your whistle, make sure you check out the trailer above. This will prepare you for the after[life]party when it makes its ascension on October 29th.

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