God of War 4 ~ 11 Potential Nordic Gods & Monsters For Kratos To Kill To Death


What Gods and Monsters will Kratos be tearing limb from limb in God of War 4? We do some homework.

We’re now just a few weeks away from Sony’s E3 2017 Presentation where we’ll likely be hearing much more about God of War 4 and hopefully see “Kratos & Son, Ass Kicking Incorporated” in action once again. Of course, our curiosity has been building ever since the game was first officially shown and we’ve been theorising what the game will be about ever since.

Here’s what do we already know about God of War 4;
From Creative Director Corey Barlog, God of War 4 is set after the events of the third game and Kratos has left Greece to live in to Scandinavia with his Son, Atreus (no, Kratos’ Son is not Thor or Ullr). The game is set before the rise of Vikings in a time when the Norse gods “walked the earth”. During the game, Kratos will likely be visiting some of the nine realms of Norse mythology (Asgard, Álfheimr, Niðavellir, Jötunheimr, Vanaheimr, Niflheim, Muspelheim, Hel and Earth AKA Midgard) and we know that he’ll fight at least one Troll (the big, burly beast from the games reveal trailer).

But what the other Gods and Monsters will Kratos likely be stabbing, punching and generally kicking the ass off of in Scandinavia? Let’s look at some of the Norse mythology.

1). Odin, Loki and Thor


Let’s start with the easy ones. If you’re at all familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ll already know about the existence of these Norse Gods. Odin AKA big Daddy Norse God AKA The god of war, death, poetry and wisdom has a few children. Thor, the God of Thunder is one of them. Loki, the magician God of mischief is the main antagonist of the Norse gods and was the one who caused the eventual downfall of Asgard, triggering Ragnarok. It’s a pretty safe bet that we will see some, if not all, of this iconic Norse trio in God Of War 4. Some astute viewers even think Loki was hiding out in the background of the initial God of War 4 trailer.

2). Nidhogg


No, Not that wildly successful fencing game. In Nordic Mythology, Nidhogg (or Níðhöggr) is a Dragon that chews on the roots of the world tree and represents those that have fallen from grace into villainy. This dragon terrorises those who have died, gone to Hel and have arrived at Nástrǫnd (AKA Corpse Shore) to pay for their acts of murder, adultery or oath-breaking on Earth. Murder is something that Kratos has never been averse too so we could see the anti-hero travelling to Hel to face off against the dragon Nidhogg to pay for his past crimes. Or could this be the dragon seen at the end of the trailer?

3). Jörmungandr


Referred to as “The World Serpent”, Jörmungandr is a giant sea snake and Thor’s greatest enemy according to Nordic mythology. One of the three child born of Loki and the female jötunn (giantess) Angrboða, this giant beast was apparently tossed into the ocean by Odin. Here Jörmungandr grew so big that it could circumference the Earth and grasp its own tail.
Eagle eyed gamers spotted a big hint to the existence of Jörmungandr in God of War 4 which you can see for yourself below;

4). Fenrir


Another of Loki’s offspring, Fenrir is a giant wolf that Odin and the inhabitants of Asgard tried to raise among them – only it grew too quickly and became too strong to control. Fenrir broke out of three sets of magical bonds – each stronger than the last – until it got free and ate the hand of the God Týr. The giant wolf was then trapped with his jaw held open by a sword and his saliva ran out of his mouth to form the river Ván… gross.
If Jörmungandr is in God of War 4 as the trailer seemed to suggest, it might stand to reason that Fenrir would be in the game too.

5). Mystic Deers


One of the most interesting aspects of the God of War 4 trailer that I don’t see talked about very often is the Deer and the Glowing antlers. At 7:52 of the trailer, Kratos and Atreus are kneeling over the felled deer and the antlers are glowing! In Nordic Mythology there are 4 deers (Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duraþrór) that ate from the world tree that many scholars believe represent the 4 seasons or elements. Whether these deer will hop up in GoW4 is yet to be seen but there is definately something going on with the deer in the trailer that we’re not discovered yet.

6). Hel


The youngest offspring of Loki and Angrboða, Hel is the Goddess of Death. After Odin ordered that Loki’s children be rounded up and brought to him, he threw Jörmungandr in to the see, kept Fenrir in Asgard and cast Hel into… Hel. You see, Hel is the Half-Giant Goddess who rules over and passes judgement on the dead in a realm called Hel. Confused Yet? Well, If you’ve played and of the other God of War games, Hel is this game’s version of Hades except this Goddess isn’t constantly trying to break out or pull off some evil plan (That’s Loki’s job).

7). Helhest


If Hel is in God of War 4, I hope that the Helhest is too. In Danish folklore, the Helhest is a 3 legged Horse from Hell that would drag the dead from their grave down to the domain of Hel. During plagues, Hel (the goddess) is said to ride out on the back of Helhest “destroying men”. Cool.

8). Huginn and Muninn


One of the little teasers from the God of War 4 trailer that is still unexplained is to do with this little fella:

Appearing around the 6:45 in the top left corner, something or someone flies by. Some people have summarized that his is some kind of insectoid creature but I’d like to put forward a different theory – That it’s Huginn, Muninn or a minion of the two. Often portrayed as Ravens, this pair of Nordic myths would relay information to Odin. In many Nordic scriptures, the Ravens have the ability to speak too. Maybe this flying creature is gathering information on Kratos to relay back to Odin… just like Huginn and Muninn? It certainly didn’t engage in a fight like the other villains in the trailer did. Perhaps he was just spying on Kratos and Son from afar…

9). Huldra



One famous but terrifying Scandinavian folktale is that of the Huldra. These creatures appear as beautiful, alluring women before Men who need help. The then tempt tempt the Men into dangerous locations and attempt to suck the life out of them. It’s said that the Huldra’s spite is tied to her beauty – the more beautiful she appears, the more dangerous her intentions. The Huldra (also known as the Hylda, Skogsrå or Skogfru) could make a great God of War 4 villain, appearing before Kratos after he’s had a beat down and needs help.

10). Dwarves, Elves & Giants


While these mythical races play an important part of Nordic mythology, there has been no mention of them in any of the God of War press releases, interviews or information. This might be to avoid making this new game look a little stereotypical and old hat (because, let’s face it Dwarves, Elves & Giants are incredibly over utilised in games these days). Of course, there’s every chance we might meet one of these races in the game so don’t rule it out just yet.

11). The Kraken


The Kraken is a legendary sea beast that’s associated with Scandinavian folklore but is not mentioned until a 13th century Icelandic manuscript. Because God of War 4 is set before the rise of the Vikings, it’s unlikely we’ll see Kratos having a rematch with the Kraken (he battle the beast on GoW2) but it would be very cool to see them go toe to tentacle once again.

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