Gamescom ’17: Microsoft Trailer dump



Well whaddyaknow, Gamescom 2017 has arrived and Microsoft were first out of the gate with their erm, dreadful and utterly boring conference, where they showcased not much at all. Judging from this, there is very little to look forward to over the next couple years. See for yourself, we’ve got a bunch of trailers here for you to divulge and not get hyped over, the highlight being a Minecraft skin for the Xbox One s. so without further ado;

Trailer are in the order they were annoucned, so if you want the last trailers, scroll down to the bottom.

Assassin’sCreed Origins CGI Trailer

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds trailer

Jurassic World Evolution ™ Announcement Trailer

ReCore Definitive Edition – Gamescom 2017 – 4K Trailer

FORZA Motorsport 7

World Of Tanks War Stories

ID@Xbox Show Reel

Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition

Sea of Thieves

Official Shadow of War Monsters of Mordor Trailer


Surviving Mars – Announcement Trailer

Introducing Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

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