Gamescom ’17: Team17 Release New Trailers For Sword Legacy, Genesis: Alpha One & More

Team17 have released new Gamescom trailers for 3 of their hottest titles for those of us that are stuck at home.

It’s always nice to wake up the day after a conference or a show or a live stream and find out what games have been shown off. It’s always nice to get a surprise or two, but it’s equally nice to get to see some new footage of games that have already been announced. Today is the turn of Team17 one of my favourite developers from yesteryear and happy to see them still going strong. There might not be the pizzazz of companies like EA, but there sure is some diversity here, as ever here are all the trailers for their upcoming games.

Yoku’s Island Express – Welcome to Mokumana Island

A unique blend of pinball mechanics, platforming and open world exploration, Yoku’s Island Express is a colourful adventure that’s coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2018.

Sword Legacy: Omen – Tactical Battles Trailer (steam)

“As Uther Pendragon you will embark on an epic journey through Broken Britannia to avenge your fallen lord and recover the long-lost sword, Excalibur. Fight alongside a rag tag band of unlikely heroes to defeat your enemies in tense, turn-based tactical combat. Crush your enemies’ willpower and watch them flee the battlefield or even turn on their comrades. Use the environment to your advantage, moving your heroes into cover and setting the enemy ablaze with explosive barrels before finishing them off with brutal, visceral overkill moves. Sword Legacy: Omen is heading to PC in 2017.”

Genesis: Alpha One

You might remember that we’ve written about Genesis Alpha One before. It’s an exciting mix of base building, survival sim and first person shooter.

All 3 titles are currently playable at the Team17 Gamescom booth for those lucky enough to be out there in Germany at the moment. For the rest of us, these trailers will have to do.

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