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Hamilton and Animal Crossing collide in a delightful YouTube series.

Relive Hamilton via the medium of Animal Crossing New Horizons, obviously...

If you’re anything like Rossko you’re probably at least 600 hours deep into maintaining your perfect island paradise in Animal Crossing New Horizons by now. The obsession that never lets up (and told Rossko exactly how they felt when he didn’t log in for five days) continues to be a breeding ground for creativity and unique ideas. We may or may not have discovered one of the most creative so far.

You’re aware of musicals right? Well there’s this one called Hamilton that you may have heard of which is currently taking over the world all over again thanks to a full live recording being thrown up on Disney+. It’s a truly remarkable show, with insanely intricate lyrics and a story that’s proving to be slightly unforgettable.

And now it has its own Animal Crossing tribute, thanks to YouTube channel Guitar_Knight14. Why not start from the very beginning with the shows first song, Alexander Hamilton?

When then have to meet Hamilton’s closest frienemy, the regreful Aaron Burr….Sir;

Then of course comes the first big Hamilton track, My Shot;

Be sure to get drunk and respective with Hamilton, Laurens, Mulligan and Lafayette in The Story of Tonight;

And finally (for now), meet the Schuyler Sisters Angelica, Eliza and Peggy in perhaps our favourite video of the bunch;

One can only hope Guitar_Knight14 keeps up the masterful work, though there’s a ton of songs in the show. One could imagine this project will take some time. Keep an eye on the channel here for updates.

UPDATE 08/08! Samuel Seabury has made his presence known on the rebels, and Alexander Hamilton is having none of it. Plus, there’s a message from a certain King…

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