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Vampire’s Fall: Origins Heading To Consoles This Fall

The gothic turn-based RPG Vampire’s Fall: Origins is coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a 2D open-world RPG featuring tactical turn-based combat set in a medieval fantasy world. It’s already available on PC via Steam, iOS and Android devices but this Autumn it’s coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch too.

A “fun, slightly dark-humoured roleplaying experience that doesn’t take itself too seriously”, the game has amassed a dedicated community of players and it’s looking to spread its wings when it launches on concoles.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is our tribute to classic RPGs. After receiving very positive feedback from our mobile and PC players, we are excited to announce Vampire’s Fall: Origins’ upcoming release on consoles so that more people can enjoy our dark fantasy vampire-themed RPG born out of love for old-school gaming.”

Emir Kuljanin from Early Morning Studio.

“Whether choosing to be on a righteous path or venture with deceit, players face countless enemies and level up their character by unlocking skills and abilities, as well as upgrading gear. With more than 50 hours of gameplay, over 250 pieces of weapons and armour, and rich character customization, Vampire’s Fall: Origins puts a modern vampire-themed twist on the classic RPGs of yesteryear.”

Our take: It’s nice to see a vampire game that isn’t somehow tied to the Masquerade being released on consoles and while Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a niche title and isn’t going to win everyone over, it looks like a cool game with some interesting mechanics. I’m interested in trying this one out later this year.


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